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Lininger Trailer Sales was started out of a barn down the road in the 1970’s. Bill Lininger Jr. brought his first trailer back from out West during the blizzard of 1978 for his dad, Bill Lininger Sr., who had Lininger Pony Rides. He would also do repairs, and as word of his sales and work got around, he officially started Lininger Trailer Sales. In 1988, he built the office on the corner of St. Rt. 33 and Glynwood New Knoxville Rd.

In 1995, he went into a brief retirement, selling the business to another couple wanting to get into trailer sales. After their 5 year contract was up, they moved out of the current location and built across the street, while Bill maintained the current location for manufacturing and steel sales. Many of Bill’s customers saw him in the grocery or at the post office and asked him to get back into the trailer business. In 2002, he officially reopened, this time with the help of his daughter, Kara.

While the business across the street has seen many changes, Lininger Trailer Sales remains a family business, with family values. We appreciate all our loyal customers and enjoy helping new customers daily. Whether in buying a new cargo trailer, landscape trailer, car hauler or utility, or servicing their old trailers; we try to help as many as we can. We pride ourselves in our vast selection of trailer parts, and especially in our parts prices and the advice and service we offer when purchasing parts.